What’s driving tonight’s Astros/White Sox line movement?

What’s driving tonight’s Astros/White Sox line movement?

After opening Houston -195 (Pinnacle), the line for tonight’s game against the White Sox has plunged to -156. That begs the question, what exactly is driving this line movement? One-sided money? Sharp money? Or is it a reaction to injury or starting pitcher news?

By accessing the line chart included in our Sportsbook Insider Pro bet activity dashboard, we quickly discover that the line remained pretty steady until our Bet Signals triggered a Steam Move on Chicago at 8:41 am ET.

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Steam Moves trigger when professional/syndicate money comes down on a game, allowing us to conclude that the movement we’ve seen is largely due to sharp money backing the White Sox.

This particular move was triggered at Pinnacle, a respected, market-setting sportsbook that welcomes professional action. As a result, others sportsbooks noticed Pinnacle drastically moving their line and knew they had to “move on air” and follow or they’d be exposed with an off-market number for their sharper players to jump on.

There’s still plenty of time for more action and/or buyback to come down on this game, so be sure to monitor updated betting trends and real-time odds on our Free MLB Live Odds page.

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