What is a Market Setting Sportsbook?

What is a Market Setting Sportsbook?

Market setting offshore sportsbooks don’t wait for Las Vegas casinos to create lines. They originate their own lines and/or are one of the first to open and accept wagering for a given event.

Market setters also deal with sharp players. Because they deal with sharps, these sportsbooks offer the highest betting limits.

Tier 1 Market Setters:

1. CRIS – originate their own line and take up to $50,000 on a single bet
2. The Greek (Olympic) – originate their own line, welcome professional action
3. Pinnacle – unique lines and take up to $30,000 on NFL sides

Tier 2 Market Setters:

1. 5Dimes – Can find lines 1/2 pt off the market, offer reduced juice
2. ABC/Jazz Islands – accept high limit action
3. Grande – Unique lines, don’t blindly follow the market

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