Weekend Sports Update

Weekend Sports Update

All eyes are on Selection Sunday and the upcoming March Madness NCAA Tournament.  We are pleased to announce that Sports Insights will be coming out with a March Madness Bracket article — that applies several of Sports Insights’ contrarian philosophies to the popular NCAA Men’s Tournament Bracket pools.   Once the opening lines and betting percentages for the Round 1 games settle down, we’ll come out with the article.  Please visit Sports Insights regularly for the upcoming March Madness Bracket Pool article — as well as other timely sports betting information.

Let’s take a quick scan at early sports betting action for the weekend.  With college basketball set to dominate the sports world, we’ll look towards other sports first.  In the NHL, our team has circled the Edmonton-Colorado game as a potential play due to relatively heavy betting action on the home favorite.  As our readers know, Sports Insights’ NHL research prefers visiting teams that the public hates.

In the NBA, the Miami-Indiana game promises to be a great match-up.  Miami is among the league’s best teams with its 30-9 record and 17-2 record at home.  Indiana isn’t very far behind, with a 23-14 record, but Miami is favored by a big 9 points at home.  Early sharp action on the Pacers pushed the line down from Miami -9.5 down to -9, so our analysts are keeping an eye on this match-up as a game of interest.

And finally, in NCAAB, with Selection Sunday looming, there are many big games coming up — with #1 and #2 Seeds at stake.  Our team has circled several games because heavy betting action is expected on certain key match-ups.

  • After Duke’s (27-5) recent loss to NC, Duke faces Florida State today in the ACC semi-final — and will be fighting to maximize its seed entering the Big Dance.  The seed number will indirectly impact Duke’s chances of winning the whole Tournament.    Florida State, at 22-9, is no pushover.
  • Missouri (29-4) will also be thinking of a #1 or #2 seed as they prepare for their Saturday game against Baylor in the Big 12 Conference Final.  With Kansas losing to Baylor (and Syracuse also losing on Friday), Missouri has a real chance at a #1 seed with a strong finish.
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