Weekend Sports Update

Weekend Sports Update

This is a great time of the year for sports fans — and sports investors.  There is a ton of sport action — including football season (both college and pro football), the NHL, the NBA (hopefully!) — and the baseball playoffs.

Here’s a quick scan of the board for today’s news and action.  First, we’ll look at the college football board:

  • The Oklahoma-Texas game is the heaviest-bet games of the day.  Betting is lopsided to some degree, with most bettors taking the favored, but visiting, Oklahoma Sooners.
  • The most lopsided-bet game of the day is the UAB-Mississippi St game, with 84% of the bettors taking the heavily-favored Miss. St team.
  • Please visit Sports Insights to see if these games will make our Square Plays or Best Bets.

In MLB Playoff action:

  • We have Verlander & Detroit squaring off against Texas’ Wilson.  Money line bets are leaning towards Detroit.
  • Here is some analysis from the “Who Will Win the Big Game” authors.

In NHL action, please check out Sports Insights research on “betting against the Public” in hockey.

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