Sunday Sports Marketplace: Focus on NFL & NHL

A Sunday in early December means that there is heavy interest in the NFL.  Here, will take a look at the NFL sports marketplace and also focus on the NHL marketplace.

  • In the NFL, the SF-GB game is currently the heaviest-bet game of the day — and is also one of the more lopsided-bet games, with the 49ers receiving just 22% of the games.  The game also exhibits the reverse line movement that means that some “big money” likes SF.  Keep an eye on this game for contrarian value.
  • In addition, the Cincy-New Orleans game remains the most lopsided-bet game of the week, as highlighted by’s popular NFL Marketwatch column.
  • In addition to NFL action, we wanted to take a look at the NHL marketplace.  After a hot start, NHL Square Plays have tailed off a bit, but these “ups & downs” are the nature of all investment strategies.  Interestingly, NHL Best Bets have been a steadier performer — showing that slightly different methods can have varying results.
  • The NHL offers many profit opportunities with games scheduled almost every day.  Please visit our article on “betting against the Public in the NHL.”
  • In NHL action today, Phoenix shows some of the characteristics highlighted by our article’s research.
  • In addition, the NY Islanders are a home team receiving a tiny % of bets.  They are more of a long-shot bet, but SportsInsights’ analysts are keeping an eye on this 1pm (ET) game.

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