Sports Investors like the NBA & NHL

Sports Investors like the NBA & NHL

While football (both professional and college) remains the most popular sport, sports investors look forward to the NBA & NHL seasons.  With baseball season over, sports investors like the potential profit opportunities that the NBA & NHL offer — with games just about every day.

This is a great time of the year for sports fans, with Saturday’s and Sunday’s filled up with football — combined with daily activity in hockey and basketball.  The daily action in the NBA & NHL leads to additional profit opportunities and potentially more “units won.”

Please check out SportsInsights’ research on “betting against the Public” — for both the NBA & NHL. SportsInsights’ NHL & NBA Square Plays are already up a combined +10 units this season.

In addition, keep your browser pointed to SportsInsights for important sports marketplace indicators like “betting percentages” and relevant sports betting information.

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