Why Sharps Love the Under in World Series Game 6

Why Sharps Love the Under in World Series Game 6

Following Game 5’s extra-inning thriller, public bettors are going back to the well with 72% of tickets and a whopping 85% of real money playing the Game 6 ‘over’ (currently 7.5). To put this in perspective, only nine World Series games in our database (starting with the 2005 MLB season), closed with a higher percentage of tickets on the ‘over’.

While recreational bettors can’t get enough of the ‘over’, sharp bettors see this as an opportunity to buyback the public overreaction by playing the ‘under’.

Our Bet Signals (sharp money indicators) have triggered three reverse-line moves on the ‘under’, summarizing how sharp money has already driven this line in the opposite direction of one-sided betting action.

Stuckey, a savvy sports bettor with Sports Action, shared in the Action Network Slack channel that he’s also keeping tabs on the ‘under’, specifically with Dan Iassogna behind the plate due to his generosity with the corners. Our historical data backs up Stuckey’s analysis as 53.1% of Iassogna’s games have gone ‘under’ the total.

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