Saturday’s Sports: Approaching Madness

Saturday’s Sports: Approaching Madness

March is almost here, and with a busy Saturday in college basketball, here’s a look at some of the NCAAB match-ups.

  • In early betting activity, the Big East match-up between Georgetown and Syracuse is currently seeing the heaviest betting activity of the day.  Both teams are in the top 20, with Georgetown currently #11 in the AP Poll, and Syracuse #17.  Georgetown is a very slight favorite at home at -1 to -1.5, but betting is slightly heavier on Syracuse.  SportsInsights’ team will keep an eye on this game for line movement and other marketplace indicators.
  • Another game seeing a decent level of activity, with very lopsided betting percentages, is the Wisconsin-Milwaukee vs. Youngstown State match-up.   These are not very good teams, but bettors are taking the favored Wisc-Milw team like this game has already been played.

March Madness is nearly upon us — and SportsInsights is pleased to be providing a university financial markets class with “opening prices” for a March Madness Mens’ NCAA Tournament Pool — where games are modeled as a financial marketplace.  Details to follow.

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