Saturday Sports Marketplace: Focus on Hoops

Saturday Sports Marketplace: Focus on Hoops

There are just a few college football games today, with the bets relatively even split.  On the other hand, there is some lopsided-betting activity in the basketball marketplaces.

In NCAA Basketball, the Georgetown-Loyola Maryland game and the USC-Kansas games are attracting a lot of betting interest.  The games are also fairly lopsided — but keep your browser pointed to SportsInsights to keep an eye on market indicators such as betting percentages and point spread.  Also — please keep your eye on SportsInsights Square Plays for specific anti-public contrarian plays.

In NBA action, the Knicks-Cavaliers game is currently the both the most lopsided-bet — and also the heaviest-bet —  game of the day.  The Knicks have been hot, and are collecting over 90% of the bets.  The marketplace may have caught up with the Knicks — so keep your eye on the Cavs for a potential contrarian play.

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