Pinnacle Steam Moves in MLB

Pinnacle Steam Moves in MLB

Steam Moves are one of four Betting Systems that Premium Pro users have access to.  A Steam move is an alert-based feature that is triggered whenever there is a sudden line move across the entire sports-betting marketplace.  Sports Insights takes it a step further, and lets you know which book was the first to make the move and gives you the record and units won of moves made by that book.

One book in particular continues to show the highest number of units won in the MLB: Pinnacle.  Pinnacle Steam Moves have compiled a 272-231 record this season which is good enough for +39.58 units won.  This is not a one-year fluke, as Pinnacle has now been the best performing Steam Move for five straight MLB seasons.

Here is a look at Pinnacle’s Steam Moves since 2007:

Year                Record                Units Won

2011                272-231                +39.58

2010                341-306                 +29.47

2009                542-491                 +45.57

2008                191-156                  +21.11

2007                 93-78                     +16.04

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