No Love for Sonny Gray in his Yankees Debut

No Love for Sonny Gray in his Yankees Debut

The Yankees made a big splash at the trade deadline by acquiring one of the best pitchers available in Sonny Gray. There’s no doubt that his presence in the Yankees rotation helps their chances at a World Series push, but he has a difficult task  in his debut as he takes on Corey Kluber and the Indians.

These two pitchers happen to be two of the hottest in the game right now. Below are their stats for the month of July.

  • Gray: 24.1 innings pitched, 1.48 ERA, 25 strikeouts, 3-1 record
  • Kluber: 34.1 innings pitched, 2.62 ERA, 56! strikeouts, 1-1 record

With all this being said, money is pouring in on the former Cy Young winner and causing the line to move in the Indians’ favor.

While bets are fairly evenly split, the Indians are getting more than three quarters of the cash.  That’s some serious coin. As a result, the line has moved about 25 cents. While the average Joe bettor might be throwing a few bucks down on the Bronx Bombers and their new star pitcher, sharp bettors are hammering the defending American League champs.

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