NCAA Football Opening Line Report Week 8

NCAA Football Opening Line Report Week 8

The opening lines are out for this coming week’s college football games, and depending on what sportsbook you use, you may want to check out the current line movement and the latest lines – based on our Opening Line Report below.  Please visit our blog and read our series of Sports Marketwatch articles for updated information during the week.

Missouri vs. Oklahoma

Early betting has been heavy on this match-up, and SportsInsights’ analytical tools have identified early sharp action on Missouri.  Almost every bet (90%) is taking Oklahoma, but the opening line has dropped from Missouri +3.5 down to +3 at Pinnacle.  Our readers may want to check their sports books because if you move quickly, your book may still have the +3.5 on the team the public hates — allowing you to get the same point spread as the sharps.

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
Oklahoma 5616 89% -3.5 -3
Missouri 11% +3.5 +3

Kentucky vs. Georgia

This game is also attracting early betting interest — with some interesting marketplace activity.  Earlier in the day, the game was being more lopsidedly-bet (in the “85% for Georgia” range).  The line started to inch up to Georgia -4, but at that point spread, bets started to come in on Kentucky, evening the betting percentages up a bit (to the “70% for Georgia” range).  SportsInsights’ analysts have this game circled based on the heavy betting action, combined with the lopsided betting action.

Team # Bets Spread % Open Current
Georgia 3764 70% -3.5 -3.5
Kentucky 30% +3.5 +3.5
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