NCAA Basketball Today

NCAA Basketball Today

The College Basketball season is in full swing — and SportsInsights’ contrarian methods of sports investing are performing in line with expectations.  In particular, SportsInsights’ Square Plays in NCAA Basketball are winning at a rate of 55% and have earned Members +7.4 units.

SportsInsights is also pleased to be working with a university on a March Madness NCAA Pool — where the NCAA Men’s Tournament will be modeled as a financial marketplace.  SportsInsights will be providing “opening prices” for the NCAA Pool.  More details as March Madness approaches.

In today’s college basketball marketplace, there is fairly heavy betting activity on a busy Thursday.  Our analysts are currently circling games such as:

  • Washington State visiting Arizona, and
  • Denver U hosting UL Monroe.

Both of these games currently exhibit heavy betting action that is also lopsided.  Keep your browser pointed to SportsInsights for up-to-the-minute sports betting information.

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