Max Scherzer Set to Join This Year’s -300 Club

Max Scherzer Set to Join This Year’s -300 Club

In football and basketball, teams reach -300 on the moneyline on a regular basis. Due to the unpredictable nature of a baseball game, teams rarely reach this high.

Tonight, Max Scherzer and the Nationals are currently -314 vs. Chris O’Grady (who?) and the Marlins. If this line stays above -300, it would mark the 10th time this season that a moneyline has reached that mark.

Clayton Kershaw is responsible for five of those games on his own, with Corey Kluber (2x), Rich Hill, and Drew Pomeranz rounding out the group. So far, Kluber’s 1-0 loss at home against the Padres remains the only defeat in the sample.

Bettors have been siding with the heterochromatic-eyed ace of the Nats, which generally happens in these situations. Every -300 team this season has received at least 67% of bets this year and tonight is no exception.

With three quarters of the bets and two thirds of the money, the Nationals line has gone up by ten cents at Bookmaker since opening. It makes sense that the dollars are also on the Nationals, too. Bettors have to risk a substantial amount of money to make betting on the Nationals worth it. Those who are taking their chances on O’Grady can risk a much smaller amount for a large payout.

If you are looking for a reason to bet on the Marlins, remember that Scherzer left his last start, also against the Fish, after just an inning with neck discomfort. Although the Nationals were out to a quick 6-0 lead, they ended up blowing it. Perhaps Scherzer still isn’t 100% healthy.

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