How Can I Increase My Website’s Revenue?

The recent announcements that, BetUS and Sports Interaction will no longer accept new US players not only affects sports bettors themselves, but also has a major affect on websites and companies who rely on affiliate revenue from those sportsbooks.

Due to very large marketing budgets, these sportsbooks are very well-known among US players, providing solid revenue for websites targeting the sports-betting market.

With this previously reliable revenue stream now drying up, Sports Insights’ Affiliate Program can provide websites with a new channel to help drive revenue from an existing market of sports-betting enthusiasts.

Sports Insights’ Affiliate Program has many benefits, including:

  • 50% commissions on all conversions, including all recurring memberships.
  • Due to our Free 14-Day Trial, your leads are given a risk-free opportunity to try our our services, providing a higher conversion rate than other affiliate programs.
  • Sport Specific banners in multiple sizes.

If you’re interested in signing up or have any questions regarding our Affiliate Program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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