Focus on College Hoops

Focus on College Hoops

With the Selection Sunday arriving tomorrow — we’ll focus on today’s college hoops action.  At the bottom of this blog post is information on a March Madness Pool that SportsInsights is sponsoring.  The lines for today’s NCAAB action were just released.

  • Currently, the largest point spread on the board is the Ohio State-Michigan game, with Ohio State being favored by 10.5 points.  Interestingly, the public is leaning to the dog in early action.
  • Besides the games where the lines were released early, the heaviest-bet game of the day is currently the Clemson-North Carolina game.
  • The most lopsided-bet game of the day is currently the Penn State-Michigan State game.

Note that because these lines were just released, the betting percentages have not yet stabilized.

SportsInsights is pleased to be sponsoring a free March Madness pool run by a financial markets program at a university.  The pool is run “round-by-round” — and each game is modeled as a financial market.  SportsInsights is providing a prize as well as opening pricing for each game of the NCAA Tournament.  The pool is open to all — but note that entries are due a few days earlier to generate closing price information for publication.

The closing prices will be used to award points for correct picks — and can be used as a proxy for the probability of a team advancing to the next round.   For more information — and to get your first round entries in — please visit the March Madness link at

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