College Basketball Steam Plays

College Basketball Steam Plays

With our College Basketball best bets and steam moves performing at a tremendously high level, now is the opportune time to review how to win with our system plays and examine which books bettors should be following.

Using the trends highlighted in our College Basketball Betting Against the Public article, our best bets have gotten off to a 27-15-1 start with 10.1 units earned on the season. In this piece, we illuminate the importance of finding underdogs of ten or more points who are receiving less than 25% of spread wagers as those teams have a winning percentage of 53.2% since 2008.

College Basketball & Betting Against the Public (on 10-point underdogs or more):

Point Spread Winning Percentage
all games 50.1%
all underdogs 50.1%
underdogs more than 6 points 51.5%
underdogs more than 10 points 53.2%

Of course, these trends are only a piece of the puzzle when we seek value in the marketplace. It is also important to monitor the top performing steam moves, as detailed in our article How To Win With Steam Moves. As our Premium Pro members can attest to, a large number of our College Basketball Steam Moves have been extremely profitable this season with Carib steams leading the pack.

When a steam move has been triggered at Carib Sports, the games have gone 35-14 with 17.77 units earned. That means an average bet of $50 would have yielded nearly $900 on the season — a profit of 36%.

While the Carib steams have been white-hot in the early going, they are certainly not the loan steam move of note. Bet Online (14-2, +10.74), Easy Street (37-23, +10.63), Phoenix (16-4-1, +10.56) and Cris (41-30, +7.3) have all provided invaluable information for our customers.

Existing subscribers have been enjoying our early season success, so if you’re not yet a member why not try our Premium Pro free 7-day trial and begin reaping the benefits of being a more informed sports bettor?

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