2017 Monaco Grand Prix Betting Odds

2017 Monaco Grand Prix Betting Odds

After years of Mercedes dominance, Ferrari has stepped up to compete for the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship. Through five races, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel holds a 6-point lead over Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in the 2017 driver standings, followed by Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari).

With the Monaco Grand Prix next up on the schedule (May 28th), sportsbooks have started posting odds for Formula 1’s most prestigious race of the season.

DriverBM (5/25)BM (5/22)Bovada (5/16)
Lewis Hamilton+200+115+120
Sebastian Vettel+100+175+135
Valtteri Bottas+1100+800+700
Daniel Ricciardo+1100+1800+1400
Kimi Raikkonen+2000+2000+1400
Max Verstappen+1600+1800+1400
Sergio Perezn/an/a+15000
Nico Hulkenbergn/an/a+20000
Esteban Oconn/an/a+25000
Carlos Sainz Jr.n/an/a+30000
Felippe Massan/an/a+30000
Jenson Buttonn/an/a+30000
Daniil Kvyatn/an/a+75000
Stoffel Vandoornen/an/a+75000
Kevin Magnussenn/an/a+100000
Romain Grosjeann/an/a+100000
Lance Strolln/an/a+150000
Jolyon Palmern/an/a+200000
Marcus Ericssonn/an/a+300000
Pascal Wehrleinn/an/a+300000

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