2016 World Series MVP Odds

2016 World Series MVP Odds


*UPDATED List for Cubs Indians World Series*

Player Sportsbook (11/2)Paddy Power (11/1)Paddy Power (10/30)Paddy Power (10/29)Paddy Power (10/26)Paddy Power (10/23)
Corey Kluber+100+163+170+600+650+1000
Aroldis Chapman+500+850+5000+2200+2200+1400
Jake Arrieta +600+1200+1400+750+1000+800
Anthony Rizzo +700+1000+1400+1000+750+900
Kris Bryant+800+1100+1400+1000+750+700
Ben Zobrist+1000+1400+1800+1100+2000+2000
Andrew Miller+1500+550+400+600+700+850
Kyle Hendricks+1500+1400+1700+1700+1100+900
Francisco Lindor+2000+700+850+1000+1400+2500
Kyle Schwarber +2000+5000+1300+1000N/AN/A
Jon Lester+2500+900+1300+1100+800+750
Jason Kipnis+3000+1300+1300+2500+2200+2000
Carlos Santana +5000+1100+1700+3300+3300+2500
Roberto Perez+5000+2000+1400+1400+1400+3300
Cody Allen+5000+2000+1700+1700+1700+1800
Addison Russell+5000+2500+2000+1700+1400+1400
Dexter Fowler+5000+3300+2500+2200+1700+1300
Javier Baez+5000+5000+1700+1100+1000+1300
Mike Napoli+5000N/A+5000+1700+2000+2000
Jason Heyward+5000N/A+9000+4500+3300+3300
Wilson Contreras+5000N/AN/A+3300+2500+2500
Tyler NaquinN/AN/A+9000+4500+4500+3500
John TomlinN/AN/A+9000+5500+5500+5500
Trevor BauerN/AN/A+6600+3300+2500+2500
John LackeyN/AN/AN/A+2200+2000+1400
Ryan MerrittN/AN/AN/A+6000+6000+6000

*Original post during League Championship Series

Even though both league’s championship series are still up for grabs, Paddy Power is already offering odds for the World Series MVP. Most of the names towards the top of the list come from the Cubs and Indians, the two teams currently favored to make the World Series. Listed below are the current ALCS, NLCS, and World Series odds from BetOnline.

ALCS BetOnline (10/18)BetOnline (10/17)
Blue Jays+875+230
NLCSBetOnline (10/22)BetOnline (10/19)BetOnline (10/18)BetOnline (10/17)
Dodgers +310-180+145+155
World Series5Dimes (11/2)5Dimes (10/31)5Dimes (10/30)5Dimes (10/29)5Dimes (10/27)5Dimes (10/26)5Dimes (10/23)5Dimes (10/22)5Dimes (10/19)BetOnline (10/18)BetOnline (10/17)
Blue JaysN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A+900+2200+675

The first five names atop Paddy Power’s MVP odds list are all pitchers. Kluber is the only true ace on the Indians staff, while the Cubs have three ace-caliber pitchers, which is likely the reason Kluber now tops the list. Despite the top of the list being pitcher heavy, pitchers have only won the award four times since the turn of the century.

  1. Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling: 2001 (Co-Winners)
  2. Josh Beckett: 2003
  3. Cole Hamels: 2008
  4. Madison Bumgarner: 2014

These pitchers are followed by Francisco Lindor and Kris Bryant, arguably the best position players for the Indians and Cubs, respectively.

One thing that immediately caught my eye was how low Corey Seager was listed. There are two position players from the Blue Jays, who have the worst odds of winning the World Series, listed significantly higher than Seager. In my mind, that’s a major mistake. Seager is one of the best young players in baseball and, if the Dodgers can win the World Series, he will likely be one of the biggest contributors.

Odds During Championship Series

PlayerPaddy Power (10/22)Paddy Power (10/19)Paddy Power (10/18)Paddy Power (10/17)
Corey Kluber+550+750+600+800
Andrew Miller+550+750+1400N/A
Jake Arrieta+900+1100+1000+1300
Kris Bryant+900+1200+1100+1300
Jon Lester+1000+1400+1400+1100
Anthony Rizzo+1100+1700+1300+1400
Francisco Lindor+1200+1200+900+1300
Javier Baez+1400+1600+1400+1600
Mike Napoli+1600+1700+1200+1400
Addison Russell+1600+2500+2000+2200
Kyle Hendricks+1700+2500+2000+1300
Clayton Kershaw+2000+550+900+1200
Aroldis Chapman+2000+2200+2000+2000
Jason Kipnis+2000+2500+1400+1800
Jason Heyward+2500+3000+2500+2500
Corey Seager+3500+1400+2200+3000
Tyler Naquin+3500+4500+2000+2500
Adrian Gonzalez+4500+1800+2200+3500
Justin Turner+5500+2200+3000+3500
Yasiel Puig+5500+2200+3000+4500
Edwin EncarnacionN/A+1800+5000+1700
Josh DonaldsonN/A+2500+6600+2200
Aaron SanchezN/A+5000+9000+3000
Jose BautistaN/A+6000+9000+3000
Russell MartinN/A+17500+15000+4000


We will continue to update these World Series MVP odds over the upcoming weeks, but bettors can also view the latest odds, betting trends and injury updates by visiting our free MLB odds page.

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