2016 MLB Win Totals

Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada became the first sportsbook to post win totals for the 2016 MLB season in early February. Although many oddsmakers have been hanging World Series futures since early October, this offered our first glimpse into the projected final standings for the upcoming season. The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada then opened their win totals which for some teams has differed greatly.

The table below displays the win totals for all 30 teams and will be updated as new information becomes available.

Team Golden Nugget (Feb 19) Atlantis ( Feb 11)
Chicago Cubs 94 89
Los Angeles Dodgers 90 87
New York Mets 89 88
Washington Nationals 88 87
Boston Red Sox 87.5 85.5
Houston Astros 87.5 85.5
San Francisco Giants 86 90
Pittsburgh Pirates 86 87
Toronto Blue Jays 86 87
St. Louis Cardinals 85 87.5
New York Yankees 85 85
Cleveland Indians 85 84
Kansas City Royals 84 87
Seattle Mariners 83 83
Arizona D-Backs 82 84.5
Tampa Bay Rays 81.5 78
Los Angeles Angels 81 82.5
Detroit Tigers 81 85
Chicago White Sox 81 80.5
Texas Rangers 80.5 86
Miami Marlins 79.5 80.5
Minnesota Twins 79 77.5
Baltimore Orioles 77 80.5
Oakland Athletics 75.5 75.5
San Diego Padres 75 74
Cincinnati Reds 72 71
Colorado Rockies 72 68.5
Milwaukee Brewers 71 71.5
Atlanta Braves 67 65
Philadelphia Phillies 65.5 66.5

It’s interesting to see that the San Francisco Giants are projected to win a league-high 90 games at Atlantis Reno even though their odds of winning the World Series (+800) are actually worse than the Chicago Cubs. That seems to indicate that oddsmakers believe that the NL Central is far better than the NL West. That seems to be validated by this prop bet at Sports Interaction (SIA).

Based on these win totals, we can extrapolate Atlantis Reno’s projected playoff picture.

National League:

  1. NL West: San Francisco Giants (90)
  2. NL Central: Chicago Cubs (89)
  3. NL East: New York Mets (88)
  4. Wild Card: St. Louis Cardinals (87.5) and Pittsburgh Pirates (87)

American League:

  1. AL East: Toronto Blue Jays (87)
  2. AL Central: Kansas City Royals (87)
  3. AL West: Texas Rangers (86)
  4. Wild Card: Boston Red Sox (85.5) and Detroit Tigers (85.5)

Based on win totals at Golden Nugget however, the projected playoff picture looks a bit different:

National League:

  1. NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers (90)
  2. NL Central: Chicago Cubs (94)
  3. NL East: New York Mets (89)
  4. Wild Card: Washington Nationals (88) and Pittsburgh Pirates (86)

American League:

  1. AL East: Boston Red Sox (87.5)
  2. AL Central: Cleveland Indians (85)
  3. AL West: Houston Astros (87.5)
  4. Wild Card: Toronto Blue Jays (86) and New York Yankees (85)

Which teams do you think are offering value? Will you be placing any bets on the 2016 MLB win totals? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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