2016 MLB Playoffs: ALCS and NLCS Preview

2016 MLB Playoffs: ALCS and NLCS Preview

We’re down to the final four in the 2016 MLB Playoffs with the Cubs, Blue Jays, Indians, and Dodgers remaining. Below shows World Series odds, exact matchups, prop bets, potential futures and more.

Here’s a look at World Series odds from throughout the season

TeamOct 14
Sep 25
Aug 21
Aug 1
Apr 1
Jan 14
Nov 9
Nov 2
Blue Jays+225+1275+1000+1000+1450+1200+1000+1200

The Cubs’ highest odds were available after last year’s World Series, when they were +1050. They were +660 during preseason and haven’t been above +350 since August 1. The Indians are the “longshot” of the bunch, as they were as high as +2800 back in January. All four of these teams were listed at +1000 or better by August 1st, so these teams have been playing solid ball for a while now.

World Series exact matchup odds from the preseason (via 5Dimes)
Cubs/Jays +3475
Dodgers/Jays +6300
Cubs/Indians +7400
Dodgers/Indians +13400

To put in comparison, the odds of the most likely NBA Finals matchup is Warriors/Cavs listed at +145, so MLB sees much more variation.

ALCS and NLCS Series Odds (via 5Dimes)
Blue Jays -145
Indians +125

Cubs -210
Dodgers +175

In the ALCS, Toronto is the series favorite but they’re underdogs in Game 1. If you like the Jays in this series, you may want to bet them in Game 1 at +125 odds, or consider waiting until after Game 1. If they lose the opener, they’ll be underdogs to win the series heading into Game 2 anyways.

ALCS Exact Outcome Odds (via BetOnline)
Jays in 4: +1000
Jays in 5: +500
Jays in 6: +375
Jays in 7: +425
Indians in 4: +1800
Indians in 5: +750
Indians in 6: +500
Indians in 7: +400

NLCS Exact Outcome Odds (posted shortly)
Dodgers in 4: +2000
Dodgers in 5: +1200
Dodgers in 6: +800
Dodgers in 7: +550
Cubs in 4: +1000
Cubs in 5: +375
Cubs in 6: +325
Cubs in 7: +400

ALCS MVP Odds led by Corey Kluber (+750) and Josh Donaldson (+750):

NLCS MVP Odds led by a flurry of Cubs at +600: Arrieta, Bryant, Rizzo and Lester.


Potential World Series Prices
Jays -145
Dodgers +125

Cubs -145
Jays +125

Indians -115
Dodgers -105

Cubs -200
Indians +170

With the Dodgers Game 5 win over the Nats in the NLDS, our MLB Playoff betting system has gone 8-4 (+4.6u) this season & 119-89 (+52.8u) all-time, which you can follow here.

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