2016-17 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

2016-17 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Sportsbook was the first book to release early 2016-17 NHL Stanley Cup odds and neither the Sharks or Penguins were favored to win it. In fact, neither were even favored to reach the Stanley Cup Final this season. However, 5Dimes then opened odds that made a little more sense and below shows a table of Stanley Cup odds for the 2016-17 NHL season throughout the year:

Stanley Cup Odds:

TeamMar 2
Feb 21
Dec 5
Oct 31
Oct 19
June 24
June 12
Washington Capitals+450+500+800+800+900+915+900+550
Minnesota Wild+500+800+1800+2000+2800+2500+2000+1500
Chicago Blackhawks+700+700+600+800+1200+850+1200+750
Pittsburgh Penguins+900+800+800+800+850+900+825+800
Columbus Blue Jackets+1100+1200+4000+10000+10000+6600+5000+10000
New York Rangers+1400+1200+1000+2500+2500+2500+2500+1500
Montreal Canadiens+1400+1000+800+800+2000+2300+2000+1500
San Jose Sharks+1450+700+1200+1200+1200+1700+1500+1800
Anaheim Ducks+2000+1200+1600+2000+1800+1600+1700+2000
Edmonton Oilers+2000+1800+1800+1200+4000+4000+5000+7500
Nashville Predators+2850+2500+2000+2500+1650+1600+2500+2500
St Louis Blues+3050+2000+1200+1000+800+1200+1400+1500
Los Angeles Kings+3300+2500+1800+2000+2200+1600+1500+500
Boston Bruins+3300+4000+4000+4000+2500+2500+3000+2200
Ottawa Senators+3300+5000+4000+5000+6600+7000+5000+6000
Florida Panthers+4000+7000+2500+3000+2200+2400+2000+2500
Calgary Flames+4000+4000+8000+6000+6000+5000+6000+7500
Toronto Maple Leafs+5000+4000+10000+10000+8000+8000+9000+10000
New York Islanders+5000+4000+10000+5000+3000+2500+3000+2000
Tampa Bay Lightning+5500+3000+1400+800+750+1000+1300+1500
Philadelphia Flyers+8000+7000+5000+4000+4000+3300+4000+10000
Winnipeg Jets+10000+20000+10000+10000+5000+6600+6000+7500
Vancouver Canucks+15000+20000+10000+10000+8000+6600+10000+8500
Buffalo Sabres+15000+30000+10000+8000+6600+6600+6000+20000
Dallas Stars+20000+10000+2000+1600+1000+1200+1400+750
Carolina Hurricanes+25000+30000+20000+10000+10000+8000+10000+20000
New Jersey Devils+30000+30000+8000+6000+5000+5000+9000+7500
Detroit Red Wings+40000+30000+6000+5000+3500+3000+4000+2200
Colorado AvalancheN/A+500000+20000+6000+6600+5000+6000+7500
Arizona CoyotesN/A+500000+20000+10000+7500+6600+8000+7000

The LA Kings opened as favorites to win the Stanley Cup at +500 odds at Sportsbook, followed by the Blackhawks and Stars at +750 odds. 5Dimes opened Penguins as favorites followed by Capitals and Blackhawks.

Following the trade deadline, Minnesota saw their odds move to +500 after acquiring Martin Hanzal and Ryan White. The Caps remain the favorites at +500 as they were able to acquire D Kevin Shattenkirk from the Blues. The Blue Jackets have been incredibly impressive and have moved from 100:1 to 11:1 over the last few months.

The Kings made big moves to acquire G Ben Bishop and F Jarome Iginla, but they’re still fighting to make the playoffs. The Stars are well out of contention as well, paving the way for teams like the Oilers to make the playoffs.

Eastern Conference Odds:

TeamJune 12
Washington Capitals+250
Pittsburgh Penguins+350
Montreal Canadiens+650
New York Rangers+650
Tampa Bay Lightning+650
New York Islanders+800
Boston Bruins+1000
Detroit Red Wings+1000
Florida Panthers+1200
Ottawa Senators+2000
New Jersey Devils+3500
Philadelphia Flyers+4000
Columbus Blue Jackets+5000
Toronto Maple Leafs+5000
Buffalo Sabres+10000
Carolina Hurricanes+10000

Despite not getting past the Penguins in this year’s playoffs, the Capitals were +250 favorites at sportsbook to make it to the 2016-17 Stanley Cup Final.

Western Conference Odds:

TeamJune 12
Los Angeles Kings+250
Chicago Blackhawks+350
Dallas Stars+350
Minnesota Wild+700
St Louis Blues+700
San Jose Sharks+800
Anaheim Ducks+900
Nashville Predators+1200
Arizona Coyotes+3500
Calgary Flames+3500
Colorado Avalanche+3500
Edmonton Oilers+3500
Winnipeg Jets+3500
Vancouver Canucks+4000

The Stanley Cup favorites were obviously favorites to win the West as well, despite getting bounced in the first round of this year’s playoffs.

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