2015-16 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

2015-16 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

The 2015-16 NHL season has arrived and the biggest change will be that overtime during regular season games will now be 3-on-3 as opposed to 4-on-4. The idea is that the wide open style of play will lead to more scoring and fewer games will need to be decided via shootout. Other adjustments include expanded video replay with coach’s challenges and a new rule which will affect faceoffs not taken at center-ice. In the past, visiting teams have had to put their stick down first, which game home teams an additional advantage. Instead of giving the advantage to the home team, the advantage will be given to the attacking team.

It will be interesting to see whether the new overtime rule will actually reduce the number of games decided by a shootout, but we’re more interested to see how offseason player movement and public betting has affected the futures market. By comparing the Stanley Cup odds from 5Dimes in mid-June and late-September, we’re able to see which teams have seen the most dramatic line movement. We’ll continue to update these odds at various points of the season.

TEAMApr 11, 2016Sep 23, 2015Jun 16, 2015
Washington Capitals+350+1500+1600
Dallas Stars+765+3500+8000
Chicago Blackhawks+875+800+600
Anaheim Ducks+885+1100+800
Pittsburgh Penguins+900+1300+1200
Los Angeles Kings+900+1400+1000
St Louis Blues+1100+1300+1200
New York Rangers+1600+1050+800
San Jose Sharks+1800+4300+6000
Florida Panthers+2000+6000+8000
Tampa Bay Lightning+2200+935+1000
New York Islanders+2200+2100+2000
Nashville Predators+2500+1900+1200
Minnesota Wild+3300+1500+1200
Detroit Red Wings+4000+3000+3000
Philadelphia Flyers+5000+8000+10000

Although the Blackhawks have seen their odds drop from +600 to +800, they remain the clear favorites. This movement is likely due to the question marks surrounding star player Patrick Kane, who has been accused of sexual assault.

The Bruins have also had a busy offseason with a major shakeup to their roster. After replacing their General Manager, Boston traded away forward Milan Lucic and budding defenseman Dougie Hamilton. Those moves helped contribute to the Bruins’ Cup odds slipping substantially from +1600 to +2800.

Other major changes include San Jose (+6000 to +4300), Winnipeg (+2000 to +3800), Dallas (+8000 to +3500) and Nashville (+1200 to +1900).

You can also check out each team’s conference and divisional odds to see which teams are expected to contend for top playoff spots.

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