Why SportsInsights? (Betting Percentages & Winning Strategies)

Why SportsInsights? (Betting Percentages & Winning Strategies)

Why should sports fans and sports bettors use SportsInsights?  What features set SportsInsights apart?

SportsInsights is a leader in sports information services and a pioneer in the concept of “sports investing” — which takes a businesslike approach to the world of sports gambling.  In a recent article, we highlighted some recent press and results of SportsInsights’ contrarian sports investing approaches, such as:

But what really sets SportsInsights apart from others?  We believe that one of the most important features that SportsInsights offers is its proprietary betting percentagesand the research and betting systems that revolve around this tool.

  • SportsInsights’ betting percentages are based on actual bets at multiple online sportsbooks.
  • The research using the betting percentages has proven to add value to sports handicapping methods.  We don’t hype unbelievable results — but this is one of the “real, true, edges” our academic researchers have seen in the sports betting marketplace.
  • SportsInsights analysts use this research — and industry contacts — to publish selections that have proven to be profitable over almost a decade’s worth of sports activity over all major sports covered.
  • In addition to these value-added tools and betting systems, SportsInsights offers betting odds and live scores.

Members earned +50 units on our Square Plays alone, making Membership a good value for many of our readers.  We hope you will join our growing Membership ranks and use our betting percentages and other contrarian methods to earn profits from the sports marketplace.

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