Who Will Win? (World Series analysis)

Who Will Win? (World Series analysis)

Here is some analysis from the authors of the book, “Who Will Win the Big Game?” (A Psychological & Mathematical Approach).  We follow this analysis because the authors use some additional angles and trends — that often result in underdog selections.  The book’s blog’s selections have gone 25-14 in the playoffs of major sporting events.

From the NY Times:

Last year these factors correctly predicted that the San Francisco Giants would beat the Texas Rangers. So how do the Cardinals and Rangers fare in analyzing their championship characteristics?

Pitching Leadership

In baseball, top starting pitchers are a good indicator of success during baseball’s playoff series. In particular, the finalist with the better top of the rotation, measured by total wins by its top two pitchers, has won 70 percent of the World Series over the past 22 years…

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