Weekend Sports Update: Super Bowl!

Weekend Sports Update: Super Bowl!

This weekend, we are focusing on — yes, you guessed it — the Super Bowl!!!  Here at Sports Insights, we have been studying a variety of sports betting marketplace indicators and angles.  Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite “looks” at Super Bowl XLVI, pitting Tom Brady’s mighty New England Patriots against the scrappy New York Giants — led by Eli Manning.

Anticipation for Super Bowl XLVI is reaching a fever pitch for die-hard fans and casual observers alike. Next Sunday’s game is a classic matchup between two of the league’s most explosive offenses — each featuring elite quarterbacks with a championship victory already on their resume.

However, what’s likely driving the anticipation for this game is the memory of Super Bowl 42.

Our new futures feature allows fans to view the prop bets and future odds from Pinnacle, and there are a slew of interesting betting opportunities. Who will score the first touchdown of the game? Who will have more completions, Brady (-131) or Manning (+112)? Will the Giants defense record more than (+127) or less than (-149) 2.5 sacks? There are more prop bets than you can shake a stick at…even if you have a really big stick. However, the most interesting prop bets are the ones that have nothing to do with the game itself.

With an eye toward quantitative analysis that attempts to identify factors that are as independent from one another as possible, five key statistical factors were identified. These statistics are related to principles of sports psychology like experience, leadership, error control, confidence and consistency. With the Giants’ surge late in the season and during the playoffs, we also looked at momentum.

This year,  Sports Insights is offering expert Super Bowl Analysis in the form of a special report — for a nominal fee of $19.99.  Check it out and help put the expert views of Dan Fabrizio and his team of analysts on your side!  Enjoy Super Bowl XLVI!

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