Weekend Sports Update

We’ll take our weekly scan of the sports betting boards — and in particular, the “super Saturday” of college football!

In college football, the heaviest-bet game of the day is the Texas A&M vs. Baylor game.   This game is also seeing some lopsided-betting activity.  Another game seeing heavy action is the Michigan-Michigan St. game.

The most lopsided-bet college football game of the day is the Maryland-Clemson game, where less than 10% of bettors (including teasers and parlays) are taking Maryland as home dogs.   Please visit SportsInsights.com to see if any of these games trigger a play as a SportsInsights Square or Best Bet selection.

In other action, in the NHL, the Florida-Tampa Bay game is seeing the most lopsided-betting action of the day.  Interestingly, this game is almost pick ’em.  This is surprising, because oftentimes, lopsided-bet moneyline games are on games that see a heavy favorite/underdog with long odds.

Please check out the most recent edition of the Sports Insights NFL Marketwatch.

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