Weekend Sports Update

Weekend Sports Update

Holiday Greetings to you and your family from the Sports Insights family!  We wish you happy holiday celebrations.  In addition, we wish you a fun — and profitable baseball season.  Over the past few years, Sports Insights Square Plays have typically earned Members around +20 to +30 units per season.

In today’s MLB action, here are a few games that our team of analysts have circled:

  • The Pittsburgh-Philadelphia game is currently the heaviest-bet game of the day, and is showing lopsided betting action towards the Phillies as a visiting favorite.  The Pirates look like they may offer value as a home underdog.
  • The Arizona-San Francisco game is currently the most lopsided-bet game of the day, with only 16% of moneyline bets on the D-Backs as a home underdog.

Please login to your Sports Insights account to determine if these plays — or others — have been triggered as published plays.  Remember that baseball is a moneyline sport — so you should focus on Sports Insights’ moneyline betting percentages.

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