The Wall St. Journal quotes SportsInsights on Contrarian Sports Investing

The Wall Street Journal quotes SportsInsights president, Dan Fabrizio in its article, “A Contrarian’s Guide to Football Betting.”  The WSJ’s Jared Diamond reports:

“Daniel Fabrizio, the president of the website, has found perhaps the easiest way to make money gambling on football games: Find out what everyone else is doing—and do the exact opposite. Call it the sports version of contrarian investing.”

Please click on this link for the entire text of the article.

SportsInsights’ contrarian methods have proven to provide its Members with an edge over the years, across all major sports.  The 2010-2011 Football Season has capped a successful year of contrarian sports investing, with profits in most sports during 2010.

Founded in 1999, monitors actual betting activity and money flows on sporting events at major sportsbooks. Unique content and analytics has propelled SportsInsights to the forefront of the sports information industry.  SportsInsights is a leading authority in this area, publishing a series of books entitled, “Sports Investing.”

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