Post Kyrie Trade Win Total Update

Post Kyrie Trade Win Total Update

Although there are now some concerns regarding Isaiah Thomas’s hip, most people believe that the Kyrie Irving blockbuster trade will hold up. Perhaps the Celtics will have to give up another draft pick or two, but I’d be surprised if any more players were included or if the deal gets vetoed.

With that being said, BetOnline has just updated their win totals for the season so they must feel pretty confident that the deal will hold up.

TeamWestgate (10/16)BetOnline (10/16)Westgate (9/25)Westgate (8/29)BetOnline (8/29)BetOnline (8/14)BetOnline (7/13)BetOnline (7/6)BetOnline (7/5)
Atlanta25.526.5 (u-115)2625.533.5 (u-145)33.5 (u-135)34.5 (o-125)36.5 (o-135)34.5 (o-135)
Boston54.553.55456.555.554.5 (o-155)54.5 (o-140)N/AN/A
Brooklyn2826.5 (o-150)2728.522.5 (o-155)22.5 (o-150)20.521.5 (u-130)21.5 (u-130)
Charlotte 42.542.5 (o-125)43.542.541 (o-135)41 (o-135)40.5 (o-125)40.540.5
Chicago2222.5 22.521.528 (u-135)28.528.529.529.5
Cleveland54.554.5 (o-115)5453.552.5 (o-150)52.552.5 (o-125)54.5 (u-130)56.5 (u-140)
Denver45.543.5 (-155)45.545.543.5 (o-125)43.5 (o-125)43.5 (o-125)42.5 (o-130)42.5 (o-130)
Detroit38.538.5 (u-115)38.538.540.5 (u-125)40.5 (u-125)40.540.540.5
Golden State67.567.5 (o-115)67.567.567.5 (o-125)67.5 (o-125)67.5 (o-125)67.5 (o-125)67.5
Houston55.554.5 (o-155)55.555.556.5 (o-140)56.5 (o-140)56.5 (o-130)56.5 (o-130)55.5
Indiana31.530.5 (o-120)3131.531.5 (o-140)31.5 (o-140)31.5 (o-125)30.530.5
LA Clippers4544.5 (u-115)44.543.541.5 (o-135)41.5 (o-140)41.5 (o-130)41.534.5
LA Lakers32.532.5 (o-125)3333.532.532.532.532.5 (u-125)36.5
Miami44.542.5 (o-145)4343.542.542.542.542.5 (o-130)40.5 (o-125)
Milwaukee46.546.54747.544.544.544.542.5 (o-155)42.5 (o-155)
Minnesota4846.5 (o-145)4848.546.5 (o-140)46.5 (o-140)45.546.5 (o-130)46.5
New Orleans39.539.54039.540.540.540.541.5 (u-130)43.5 (u-130)
New York29.530.5 (u-130)29.530.532.5 (u-140)32.5 (u-140)32.534.534.5
Oklahoma City53.553.5 (u-115)53.551.548.5 (o-145)48.5 (o-145)48.5 (o-140)48.5 (o-135)46.5 (o-125)
Orlando32.531.53333.534.534.534.536.5 (u-165)40.5 (u-140)
Philadelphia3938.539.542.540.5 (o-120)40.5 (o-125)40.5 (o-125)40.5 (o-130)40.5 (u-120)
Phoenix2929.528.528.526 (o-165)26 (o-165)25.5 (o-130)25.5 (o-130)25.5
Portland43.540.5 (o-150)42.542.540.5 (o-140)40.5 (o-140)40.5 (o-150)40.5 (o-14038.5 (o-125)
San Antonio54.554.555.554.554.554.554.555.555.5
Toronto4847.5 (o-130)47.548.548.5 (o-125)48.5 (o-125)48.5 (o-125)50.5 (o-130)47.5 (o-130)
Utah41.539.5 (o-130)4140.538.5 (o-140)38.5 (o-140)37.5N/AN/A
Washington4948.5 (o-120)49.547.546.5 (o-140)46.5 (o-140)46.5 (o-125)47.5 (o-130)45.5

The Celtics are up an entire win since the last update and are now one win behind the Rockets for the 2nd best preseason total. Boston will need to try and lock down the number one seed in the east to help improve their chances of beating the Cavs in the playoffs. Depending on where you look, the Celtics may not have bettered their odds of winning an NBA title, but most agree that they closer to knocking off Cleveland in the east.

Cleveland’s total had been gradually dropping since it opened at the beginning of July, but their total of 52.5 has been juiced up since the trade. If it is revealed that IT will need to miss substantial time, I’d imagine it would go a bit lower, but is it possible that a team with LeBron James on it wouldn’t reach 50 wins? Last year, they only finished with 51 and rested their big three players quite frequently. Ty Lue probably realizes that his team will make the Eastern Conference Finals regardless of where they finish in the regular season so keeping his star players rested and healthy may be the top priority.

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