NCAAB Marketplace

NCAAB Marketplace

With all of the Super Bowl hype, we want to make sure our readers and Members keep their eyes peeled for “sports investing value” on a busy college basketball Saturday.  Below are some games that the team at SportsInsights has circled in early NCAAB marketplace activity.  Keep an eye on these games for line value, betting interest, and betting percentages — as the day develops.

  • The West Virginia-Villanova game is currently the heaviest-bet game of the day in early betting action.  The game is showing some lopsided-betting, with the favorite, Villanova — currently receiving a majority of the bets.  Keep an eye on this game for potential value.
  • The St. Louis-Xavier game is also showing lopsided betting activity, with big-name Xavier receiving about 80% of the bets.

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