NCAA Football Square Plays stay Hot

NCAA Football Square Plays stay Hot

Yesterday’s college football Square Plays went 4-0, bringing the 2010 NCAA Football Square Play record to 20-7 (74%), gaining +11.5 units.  Our data and research shows that SportsInsights’ philosophy of capturing contrarian value in the sports marketplace has a definite edge.

Over the long-term, this edge is measurable.  We don’t normally hype our results, because: although the edge is real, too much hype would be counter to our goal of moving the “sports betting world” to a more business-like endeavor — “sports investing.”

Still, this year’s start to the NCAA Football season is noteworthy.  Some members of SportsInsights say that our long-term results are in fact “more believable” because we do not make outrageous claims.

For more information about some of the betting systems and approaches we use specifically for NCAA Football, please check out our Sports Investing book on College Football.

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