NBA 2017-18: Assists and Rebounds Per Game Leader Odds

NBA 2017-18: Assists and Rebounds Per Game Leader Odds

Paddy Power is going all out for NBA prop season. So far this week, we have gotten points per game leader, blocks per game leader, and Defensive Player of the Year.

Almost enough props to make a guy go mad! I’m teetering on the brink of insanity from all these props, let me tell ya…


Player(10/16) Paddy Power(9/28) Paddy Power
John Wall+140+140
Russell Westbrook+250+250
Chris Paul+500+500
James Harden+800+800
LeBron James+1200+1200
Lonzo Ball+1400+1400
Ricky Rubio+1600+1600
Rajon Rondo+1600+1600
Jeff Teague+3000+3000
Milos Teodosic+3000N/A
Stephen Curry+3300+3300
Jrue Holiday+4000+4000
Kyrie Irving+5000+5000
Dennis Schroder+5000+5000
Elfrid Payton+5000+5000
Ben Simmons+5000+5000
Draymond Green+6600+6600
Kyle Lowry+6600+6600
Eric Bledsoe+6600+6600
Markelle Fultz+6600+6600
Dennis Smith Jr. +6600+6600
Mike Conley+8000+8000
Giannis Antetokounmpo+8000+8000
Damian Lillard+9000+9000
Blake Griffin+9000+9000

Last season, it was Jimmy Harden who led the league with 11.2 assists per game. Before the season, he was 20/1 to lead the league in dimes…not a bad payout if I do say so myself. Rajon Rondo was the favorite at +250…great job on that one oddsmakers!

With Chris Paul joining Harden in Houston this season, he’s understandably not the preseason favorite. Instead, John Wall, who finished second last season with 10.7 assists, gets the nod.

At +250, Russell Westbrook is not too far behind. He finished third last season with 10.4 assists, but it’s tough to tell whether adding Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to his team will help or hurt his assist numbers. On one hand, he’ll likely be shooting less and passing more, which in theory would increase his assists. On the other hand, his usage rate could go down and we could see the ball running through George or even Anthony at times.

Lonzo Ball…14/1…not bad. He should be in the running for this crown on an annual basis in the future, but I’m surprised he’s this high up in his rookie year.


Player10/16 (PaddyPower)9/28 (PaddyPower)
Andre Drummond+250+250
Hassan Whiteside+250+250
DeAndre Jordan+300+300
Rudy Gobert+600+600
Dwight Howard+1100+1100
Karl-Anthony Towns+1200+1200
Anthony Davis+1600+1600
Nikola Jokic+2000+2000
Kevin Love+2500+2500
Joel Embiid+3000+3000
DeMarcus Cousins+3000+3000
Russell Westbrook+5000+5000
Nikola Vucevic+5000+5000
Julius Randle+5000+5000
Clint Capela+6600+6600
Jusuf Nurkic+8000+8000
LeBron James+8000+8000
Marcin Gortat+8000+8000
Blake Griffin+8000+8000
Tristan Thompson+8000+8000
Kristaps Porzingis+10000+10000
Stephen Adams+10000+10000
Giannis Antetokounmpo+10000+10000

Last season, there were six players who averaged more than 12 boards per game—most in a season this century. It makes sense, though, as the 170.8 shots per game last season were the most since 1992-93. Hassan Whiteside’s 14.1 rebounds per game edged out Andre Drummond and DeAndre Jordan’s 13.8 a piece. Whiteside actually closed at +700 before last season, but the field is on a much more even plane heading into this season.

The oddsmakers aren’t getting creative, as the top six names on the board basically mirror last year’s league leaders. Drummond, Whiteside, and Jordan all have the ability to push for 15 rebounds a game, while I’m not sure any of the others do.

Karl-Anthony Towns is a young budding star who should continue to improve, though. He averaged 10.5 rebounds in his rookie season and 12.3 last year. I like his value the most of anyone on this list.

What will PaddyPower bring to the table next? Steals per game? Free-throw percentage? Player efficiency rating or “PER” for the stat geek? We shall see…

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