MLB Squares on a Tear

MLB Squares on a Tear

SportsInsights Square Plays for major league baseball (MLB) have been on a tear. After treading water (near the break-even point) for much of the season, MLB Squares turned positive several weeks ago — and recently put on the afterburners.

Recently, MLB Squares have won:

  • 7 of their last 9 selections, and
  • 15 of their last 19 selections.

This hot stretch has brought the MLB Squares to +24.5 units for the season. As with any investment, “sports investing” has its ups and downs. The key is to understand your “edge” and stick with your system — even during bad spells, so that you capture these good periods.

We’re pleased to note that all three current sports (MLB, NFL, and NCAAF) are in the black for SIs’ Square Plays — with SIs’ Best Bets yielding profits in two of of three sports.

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