A Look at Saturday’s Sports Marketplace

Just some quick notes as the team at SportsInsights.com scans the sports marketplace for value opportunities:

  • Betting activity in NCAA Football appears slightly lower, as we move closer to Bowl Season and some bettors focus on nationally-ranked teams.
  • There are still contrarian value opportunities out there, but remember to focus on “big Public games.”
  • In the afternoon, Stanford-California and Miami Florida-Virginia Tech are attracting some betting interest in College Football.
  • In NCAA Basketball action, most games are in the evening and betting is relatively light at this early point in the season.
  • Even with the light betting activity, sports investors will keep their eyes peeled for contrarian value to maximize their opportunities to add to their bankroll (units won!).
  • In College Hoops activity, the late game of San Francisco-Colorado is currently one of the most lopsided-bet games of the day.
  • SportsInsights’ analysts have their eyes on the NHL.  After a hot start, contrarian methods have cooled off in the NHL.  This may be a good time to watch the NHL as all markets have their ups and downs.

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