2017 NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Cavs

2017 NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Cavs

The 2017 NBA Finals will be another rematch of the 2015 and 2016 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. A Warriors/Cavs NBA Finals matchup was available at +145 in the preseason, and once the season started it became more likely. Both teams were favored to win the East and West, but oddsmakers have given the edge to Golden State throughout the year.

Opening Series Price at 5Dimes:
Warriors -275
Cavs +235

Since opening on late Thursday night, the Cavs moved from +235 to +210 while the Warriors dropped from -275 to -250. By Saturday morning those odds were back up to Warriors -270/Cavs +230. As of Tuesday night, the odds are Warriors -260/Cavs +220. This is the first time this playoffs that the Cavs have been an underdog at any point of a series. The Warriors have been favored throughout the playoffs.

There’s plenty of ways to bet the series and here are some of them available at BetOnline including Exact Series Outcome and Series Spreads:

Here were NBA Title odds throughout the year at Westgate:

Team5Dimes (5/26)Westgate (2/20)Westgate (2/13)Westgate (12/5)Westgate (10/31)Westgate (10/10)Westgate (7/5)Westgate (6/28)Westgate (5/30)
Golden State WARRIORS-275-200-200-120-125-150-150+250+150
Cleveland CAVALIERS+235+220+200+200+225+275+250+300+250
San Antonio SPURSN/A+800+800+600+500+600+800+600+600
Los Angeles CLIPPERSN/A+2500+2500+1000+2000+2000+2000+900+1600
Boston CELTICSN/A+2500+2500+2500+2500+2000+2000+1700+2000
Houston ROCKETSN/A+2500+2500+5000+10000+10000+10000+4000+6000
Toronto RAPTORSN/A+3000+4000+2500+3000+4000+4000+2000+2500
Washington WIZARDSN/A+4000+6000+30000+10000+10000+10000+10000+10000
Utah JAZZN/A+8000+6000+8000+10000+8000+8000+5000+8000
Oklahoma City THUNDERN/A+10000+10000+5000+4000+3000+3000+700+800
Memphis GRIZZLIESN/A+10000+10000+20000+10000+10000+10000+4000+8000
Chicago BULLSN/A+20000+20000+6000+10000+10000+10000+2500+4000
Atlanta HAWKSN/A+20000+20000+10000+6000+6000+8000+2500+4000
Indiana PACERSN/A+20000+20000+20000+10000+10000+10000+9000+10000
Miami HEATN/A+20000+20000+100000+20000+20000+8000+1400+2500
Milwaukee BUCKSN/A+25000+25000+30000+50000+20000+10000+15000+10000
Charlotte HORNETSN/A+25000+20000+8000+10000+20000+30000+10000+8000
New York KNICKSN/A+30000+30000+6000+6000+6000+10000+5500+10000
New Orleans PELICANSN/A+30000+100000+50000+30000+10000+6000+6000+6000
Portland TRAIL BLAZERSN/A+50000+50000+10000+6000+8000+8000+7500+6000
Detroit PISTONSN/A+50000+50000+20000+10000+8000+10000+10000+10000
Denver NUGGETSN/A+100000+100000+50000+20000+20000+30000+25000+10000
Minnesota TIMBERWOLVESN/A+100000+100000+30000+10000+10000+6000+5000+6000
Sacramento KINGSN/A+100000+100000+50000+30000+30000+30000+25000+10000
Orlando MAGICN/A+100000+100000+100000+30000+20000+10000+25000+10000
Philadelphia 76ERSN/A+100000+100000+500000+100000+30000+30000+50000+10000
Dallas MAVERICKSN/A+500000+500000+500000+30000+30000+30000+9000+8000
Los Angeles LAKERSN/A+999900+999900+50000+50000+50000+30000+10000+10000
Phoenix SUNSN/A+999900+999900+500000+50000+50000+100000+50000+30000
Brooklyn NETSN/A+999900+999900+500000+100000+100000+100000+50000+50000

NBA Finals lookahead lines at 5Dimes:
Game 1: @ Warriors -7, Total 225
Game 2: @ Warriors -7, Total 225
Game 3: @ Cavs -2, Total 225
Game 4: @ Cavs -2, Total 225.5
Game 5: @ Warriors -6.5, Total 225.5
Game 6: @ Cavs -2.5, Total 225.5
Game 7: @ Warriors -6, Total 225.5

The favorite has covered ATS in 11 of the last 12 Game 1’s in the NBA Finals.

225 is the highest total we’ve ever tracked in the NBA Finals by 14 points (dating back to 2005).

Track all the latest odds, betting percentages, breaking injuries and more at our Free Live Odds page.

You can also check out NBA Finals MVP odds throughout the playoffs.

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