Weekend Sports Update

Weekend Sports Update

The team at Sports Insights has been busy with everything from March Madness, to updating our betting against the public information for the upcoming baseball season, to ramping up research to help bring our members a wealth of sports betting information and improved results.  Stay-tuned for our report on baseball results over the next few weeks.

For baseball lovers, spring training is beyond the scope of our regular research efforts, but some sports bettors like to focus on motivation during the pre-season.  That is, are certain teams motivated more than others — perhaps due to a new manager or new key player?  Are certain key players NOT traveling to a certain game?  Please let us know if you bet spring training!

In the NHL, our team has circled several games, including:

In the NBA, the Miami Heat – Los Angeles Lakers game is the biggest game of the day — besides the Celtics run-in with the Knicks and Lin-sanity.  The Heat have been red-hot, and the Lakers are getting points at home!

Login to your Sports Insights account if you haven’t already done so — to see if a play has been triggered on any of these games.

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