Weekend Sports Update

Weekend Sports Update

In this weekend’s sports update, we’ll take a quick look at the Super Bowl — but focus on basketball.  The NHL is at its All-Star break, so it’s also a good time to take a mid-season review of hockey’s performance.  First, in college basketball:

  • The heaviest-bet game in NCAAB is the Marquette-Villanova game.  This game is also showing lopsided betting action, with visiting Marquette, a slight favorite, collecting almost three out of four bets.  Please visit Sports Insights to see if this game triggers a play by one of our systems.
  • The Texas-Baylor game is also receiving a lot of action, based on Sports Insights’ number of bets.  This game also features lopsided betting activity on — on the home team — which is a betting angle our researchers like.  Our team has Texas circled in this game.

The NHL has gotten off to a solid start, with NHL Square Plays + 3 units.  NHL contrarian plays were up even more earlier in the season, but has had a rough patch recently.  Contrarian sports investors should “stay the course” and let Sports Insights’ data help “put the wind at your back.”

Note that our team of analysts is starting to compile some interesting information for the Super Bowl.  Please visit Sports Insights and our blog for more information.

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