Super Bowl – Latest Line

Super Bowl – Latest Line

With one week to go before Super Bowl XLV, the line has settled down — with the Green Bay Packers being a -2.5 point favorite over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The public and sportsbooks seem happy with this number.

When the line opened, early bettors on the Packers pushed the line all the way to Green Bay -3 (from close to pick’em) at some books.  At the time, almost two out of three bets were taking the Pack.  However, at the key number of three, the line got pushed back to -2.5.  Now, the betting has evened out — with about 50% taking one side or the other based on the GB -2.5 points.

The sportsbooks are generally happy because they will have their nice rake — and have risk balanced fairly evenly on each side.  Keep your browser pointed to SportsInsights for our Super Bowl article that will highlight various bits of information of the heaviest-bet game of the year.

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