Saturday NCAAB: March has Arrived!

With March arriving, betting action in college basketball is higher than ever.  Based on an early scan of the NCAAB marketplace, here is an early look at some of the games our team of analysts are focusing on:

  • The heaviest-bet game of the day is currently the Duquesne-Richmond game, which is also showing lopsided-betting action.  Almost 90% of the bets are on the home-favorite Richmond squad.
  • In heavy betting action in a big-name match-up, the Louisville-West Virginia game is a close second in terms of betting activity.  This game has more evenly-matched betting activity, although surprisingly, the public is leaning towards the underdog Louisville team.  West Virginia is at home and is currently favored by 3.5 points.
  • The largest point spread in a relatively actively-bet game is 20 points (two times).  BYU is favored over Wyoming by 20.5 and Syracuse is favored over Depaul by 20.  Interestingly, the public likes the large underdogs in both cases. is pleased to be working with a university financial markets program on an NCAA Pool. We will be providing opening pricing for the pool — and sponsoring the pool with a prize.  More information soon.

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