NFL Opening Line Report – Week 3

NFL Opening Line Report – Week 3

Every Monday, we take a look at the opening lines for next week’s NFL games:

Team Betting % Current Open Notes
49ers 68% 1 1 A surprising start for the Bengals (1-1) who could easily be 2-0.  Andy Dalton looked solid against Denver, while the 49ers fell to Dallas in overtime.
Bengals 32% -1 -1
Patriots 74% -9 -9 The Patriots have covered the spread in their first two games and the public is likely to continue to bet them.  The public still is not buying the 2-0 Bills.
Bills 26% 9 9
Texans 22% 4 4.5 Two prolific offenses square off (the total is 53 for this game) and the Saints with the home-field advantage are favored by 4.
Saints 78% -4 -4.5
Dolphins 77% 1.5 3 An 0-2 start for Miami has not prevented people from betting the Dolphins off of the key number of 3 down to 1.5 points.
Browns 23% -1.5 -3
Broncos 24% 6.5 4.5 The Titans win over Baltimore opened some eyes, and they have already been bet up 2 full points.
Titans 76% -6.5 -4.5
Lions 90% -3.5 -4 This will likely be the most lopsided matchup of the week as the Lions are clearing more seats for the bandwagon.
Vikings 10% 3.5 4
Jaguars 21% 3.5 3 (+100) Cam Newton has looked impressive in two starts, and the bets have pushed the line off of -3.  The Jags could start McCown or the rookie Gabbert at QB this week.
Panthers 79% -3.5 -3 (-120)
Chiefs 17% 14.5 15 The Chiefs have just looked dreadful and the injury to Jamaal Charles makes them the biggest underdog in Week 3.
Chargers 83% -14.5 -15
Jets 86% -3.5 -3.5 The Jets are a favorite for casual bettors, and the public is likely to swallow the points on the road against Oakland in their home opener.
Raiders 14% 3.5 3.5
Falcons 80% 1 -1 A primetime win over the Eagles will make Atlanta a popular pick this week, although we have already seen some early reverse-line movement here.
Buccaneers 20% -1 1
Cardinals 91% -3 -3 Not surprising that no one is taking Seattle after they were held scoreless in Pittsburgh.
Seahawks 9% 3 3
Packers 83% -3.5 -3.5 A great rivalry game usually means a lower spread, and that is true for this game.  The Bears will likely be a contrarian play as small home dogs.
Bears 17% 3.5 3.5
Steelers 91% -10.5 -11 The Steelers are the biggest road favorite in Week 3 as the Colts were unable to beat the Browns, and still look lost without Manning.
Colts 9% 10.5 11

There are currently no lines posted for Giants/Eagles, Ravens/Rams, and Redskins/Cowboys.

* Betting Percentages reflect Sports Insights’ Spread Betting Trends Data
** Opening and Current Lines from Pinnacle

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