NFL Betting Trends – Week 4

NFL Betting Trends – Week 4

We are breaking down NFL Week 4’s most lopsided games, and highlighting the ones we think you should keep in mind.

Top lopsided games:

1. New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills

The public likes the Jets after their impressive win over the Dolphins in week 3, and according to our betting trends data 86% of spread bets are on them. The line for this game, though it has moved a bit back and forth — has not really gone far. Opening as 5-point favorites, the Jets, are now a 5.5-point favorite. Throughout the week the line has dropped down to -4.5, back up to 5 and finally up to 5.5 at 11:46 a.m. today.

Team # Bets Spread %
New York Jets 14345 86% -5 -5.5
Buffalo Bills 14% 5 5.5

2. Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s not unusual for the public to like the Colts in almost any game, so 82% of spread bets on them against the Jaguars is no surprise. What is a surprising is that the Colts are back to being 7-point favorites after being moving as high as 9-point favorites Monday with 84% of spread bets. This line has been through some serious push and pull. Streamed up to -9 early in the week, the sharp money took it the other way back to -7. It will really depend on what line is available on this game, which side is a better bet.

Team # Bets Spread Open
Indianapolis Colts 16143 82% -7 -7
Jacksonville Jaguars 18% 7 7

3. Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders

Our Smart Money plays have triggered a number of plays on this game, which are most likely due to the line movement from early on in the week. The line jumped up to to -3.5 just 2 hours after opening Sunday, but the sharp money brought it down to -3 Monday Morning.

Team # Bets Spread Open Current
Houston Texans 13445 86% -2 -3
Oakland Raiders 14% 2 3
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