New Bet Labs Introduction Video

New Bet Labs Introduction Video

Bet Labs went live yesterday, and our inbox has already been flooded with your responses. For those who are unfamiliar, Bet Labs is a robust, data-driven program that helps users to create their own betting systems based on historically profitable trends. This unique software allows any subscriber to search through our vast database and find winning systems for spreads, moneylines and totals — and then find upcoming games that fit your system.

Those looking for a quick introduction can find it here, but a more in-depth tutorial (approximately 10 minutes) can be found by clicking here. The video tutorial will walk you through Bet Labs and teach you how to start creating winning systems of your own.

The screenshot above displays a basic system for betting against the public in baseball. As you can see, despite a 41.8% winning percentage, a $100/game bettor would be up $9,264 betting on all teams receiving less than 20% of moneyline wagers — good for a 4.2% return on investment.

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