NBA Win Totals at Westgate Differ Greatly From BetOnline’s

NBA Win Totals at Westgate Differ Greatly From BetOnline’s

BetOnline has had their win totals up for a couple of months now and we watched as some of their early numbers were initially hammered. The Westgate Superbook in Vegas has just released their own numbers and some of them are much different than what BetOnline has.

TeamWestgate (10/16)BetOnline (10/16)Westgate (9/25)Westgate (8/29)BetOnline (8/29)BetOnline (8/14)BetOnline (7/13)BetOnline (7/6)BetOnline (7/5)
Atlanta25.526.5 (u-115)2625.533.5 (u-145)33.5 (u-135)34.5 (o-125)36.5 (o-135)34.5 (o-135)
Boston54.553.55456.555.554.5 (o-155)54.5 (o-140)N/AN/A
Brooklyn2826.5 (o-150)2728.522.5 (o-155)22.5 (o-150)20.521.5 (u-130)21.5 (u-130)
Charlotte 42.542.5 (o-125)43.542.541 (o-135)41 (o-135)40.5 (o-125)40.540.5
Chicago2222.5 22.521.528 (u-135)28.528.529.529.5
Cleveland54.554.5 (o-115)5453.552.5 (o-150)52.552.5 (o-125)54.5 (u-130)56.5 (u-140)
Denver45.543.5 (-155)45.545.543.5 (o-125)43.5 (o-125)43.5 (o-125)42.5 (o-130)42.5 (o-130)
Detroit38.538.5 (u-115)38.538.540.5 (u-125)40.5 (u-125)40.540.540.5
Golden State67.567.5 (o-115)67.567.567.5 (o-125)67.5 (o-125)67.5 (o-125)67.5 (o-125)67.5
Houston55.554.5 (o-155)55.555.556.5 (o-140)56.5 (o-140)56.5 (o-130)56.5 (o-130)55.5
Indiana31.530.5 (o-120)3131.531.5 (o-140)31.5 (o-140)31.5 (o-125)30.530.5
LA Clippers4544.5 (u-115)44.543.541.5 (o-135)41.5 (o-140)41.5 (o-130)41.534.5
LA Lakers32.532.5 (o-125)3333.532.532.532.532.5 (u-125)36.5
Miami44.542.5 (o-145)4343.542.542.542.542.5 (o-130)40.5 (o-125)
Milwaukee46.546.54747.544.544.544.542.5 (o-155)42.5 (o-155)
Minnesota4846.5 (o-145)4848.546.5 (o-140)46.5 (o-140)45.546.5 (o-130)46.5
New Orleans39.539.54039.540.540.540.541.5 (u-130)43.5 (u-130)
New York29.530.5 (u-130)29.530.532.5 (u-140)32.5 (u-140)32.534.534.5
Oklahoma City53.553.5 (u-115)53.551.548.5 (o-145)48.5 (o-145)48.5 (o-140)48.5 (o-135)46.5 (o-125)
Orlando32.531.53333.534.534.534.536.5 (u-165)40.5 (u-140)
Philadelphia3938.539.542.540.5 (o-120)40.5 (o-125)40.5 (o-125)40.5 (o-130)40.5 (u-120)
Phoenix2929.528.528.526 (o-165)26 (o-165)25.5 (o-130)25.5 (o-130)25.5
Portland43.540.5 (o-150)42.542.540.5 (o-140)40.5 (o-140)40.5 (o-150)40.5 (o-14038.5 (o-125)
San Antonio54.554.555.554.554.554.554.555.555.5
Toronto4847.5 (o-130)47.548.548.5 (o-125)48.5 (o-125)48.5 (o-125)50.5 (o-130)47.5 (o-130)
Utah41.539.5 (o-130)4140.538.5 (o-140)38.5 (o-140)37.5N/AN/A
Washington4948.5 (o-120)49.547.546.5 (o-140)46.5 (o-140)46.5 (o-125)47.5 (o-130)45.5

As you’ll see, most of the top teams in the league are pretty close at both books. The Warriors number of 67.5 has remained the same at BetOnline since opening and the good folks at the Westgate seem to agree. The Celtics take the number two spot in Vegas at 56.5, three higher than their trade-partner in Cleveland.

Many of the middling teams and lottery pick contenders have much different numbers, though. The now Dwight Howard and Paul Millsap-less Hawks’ total is eight wins lower at the Westgate than at BetOnline.

Meanwhile, the poor Chicagoans have seen what appeared to be a promising Bulls team a couple of years ago almost instantly become a cellar-dweller. At 21.5 wins, the Westgate believes they are the worst team in the NBA by a wide margin.

Celtics fans will be happy to see that Vegas expects the Nets to be considerably better than the offshore book does. After rooting for the Nets to suck for years now, Bostonians will be cheering them on this year in hopes that their draft pick they sent to Cleveland doesn’t produce a very high pick.

Two more teams that Vegas is bullish about are the Bucks and Thunder, both with win totals three higher than at BetOnline.

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