Get A Free Month of Sportsbook Insider Pro!

Sports Insights is once again teaming up with GTbets to give away a free month of Sportsbook Insider Pro. All you have to do is keep doing what you’re already doing – betting on sports. Simply open a new account at and deposit at least $250 – and you’ll receive a FREE month of our Pro membership. Already have an active Sports Insights membership? Don’t worry, you’re still eligible. We’ll simply extend your existing membership one month.

How Does It Work?

Open a new account at and deposit $250, it’s that easy. Not only will you receive a FREE month of our Sportsbook Insider Pro, but GTbets will also match your $250.

By utilizing this promotion customers will receive:

  1. Live odds & real-time betting trends for all sports
  2. Our profitable Best Bet picks
  3. Access to our exclusive Bet Signals systems
  4. GTbets matching 100% of your $250 deposit
  5. Great lines and fantastic customer service from GTbets
  6. Good vibes from supporting one of our favorite contributing sportsbooks

How are your Best Bets performing?

  1. NCAAF 58-44 (56.86%)
  2. NFL 28-23 (54.9%)
  3. NCAAB 12-7 (63.16%)
  4. NHL 11-11 (+0.5 units)
  5. NBA 23-22 (51.11%)
How Can I Get Started?

Step #1: Open a new account at and deposit at least $250.

Step #2: Email us at mentioning you opened a new account at GTbets depositing at least $250.  Make sure to provide us with your GTbets account number and – if you’re already a member – the email address you use to sign into Sports Insights.

Once we confirm your info we’ll immediately create your new (or upgrade your existing) Sportsbook Insights account to a full month of our Pro membership. It’s that easy!

Hurry! This offer expires December 1st, 2014

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David Solar

David Solar is the Content Manager at Sports Insights. He specializes in sports betting analytics and creating data-driven betting systems. He can be reached directly at or on twitter at @TheDavidSolar.

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2 comments on “Get A Free Month of Sportsbook Insider Pro!
    • No. As long as you deposit at least $250 we would give you one month of service, but that is the longest subscription we will be offering with this promotion.

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