FREE Pro Membership!

FREE Pro Membership!

Have pay for your Pro Membership!

To help kick off the new NBA season, Sports Insights is teaming up with to give away a Free Month of Pro. All you have to do is keep doing what you’re already doing – betting on sports. Simply open a new account at depositing at least $250 – and you’ll receive a FREE month of our Pro membership. If you already have an active SI membership, don’t worry, you’re still eligible. We’ll simply extend your existing membership one month.

Improve Your Odds of Winning:

• FREE Pro membership (includes all sports)
• 100% depositing bonus from GTBets
• Great lines and customer service from GTBets
• Help Sports Insights by supporting a “contributing sportsbook”

Best Bet Picks:

• NBA 145-95 = 57.8%
• NCAAB 133-77 = 59.5%
• NFL 22-16 = 57.8%
• NCAAF 39-18 = 68.4%


Step #1: Click on any link and open a NEW account, depositing at least $250 and put SportsInsights in the “referred by” field. Also take advantage of their generous depositing bonus.

Step #2: Notify Sports Insights that you opened a NEW account at GTBets depositing at least $250 by emailing us at Please provide us with your Sports Insights email address and GTBets account number. Once we confirm your info we’ll immediately upgrade your SI account to a full month of our Pro membership. It’s that easy!


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