2017 NBA Finals: Player Props

2017 NBA Finals: Player Props

The 2017 NBA Finals tip-off on Thursday evening, and BetOnline has posted several different player prop bets for the series. These props include odds on the series leader for various statistical categories and a handful of head-to-head player matchups. For example, LeBron James is +125 to score more total points than any other player during the NBA Finals. Oddsmakers have also set James’ over/under at 187.5 points.

The list below displays the latest odds from BetOnline.

First player to 100 points

Player (Team)Odds
LeBron James (CLE)+175
Stephen Curry (GS)+300
Kevin Durant (GS)+350
Kyrie Irving (CLE)+450
Klay Thompson (GS)+850
Kevin Love (CLE)+1000

Most Points

Player (Team)Odds
LeBron James (CLE)+125
Kevin Durant (GS)+300
Stephen Curry (GS)+350
Kyrie Irving (CLE)+500
Klay Thompson (GS)+1000
Kevin Love (CLE)+1200

Most Rebounds

Player (Team)Odds
Kevin Love (CLE)+150
Tristan Thompson (CLE)+325
LeBron James (CLE)+400
Draymond Green (GS)+400
Kevin Durant (GS)+500
Stephen Curry (GS)+1400

Most Assists

Player (Team)Odds
LeBron James (CLE)-160
Kyrie Irving (CLE)+650
Stephen Curry (GS)+500
Draymond Green (GS)+225

Most Blocks

Player (Team)Odds
Draymond Green (GS)+200
Kevin Durant (GS)+250
LeBron James (CLE)+300
Tristan Thompson (CLE)+500
Kevin Love (CLE)+700

Most Steals

Player (Team)Odds
LeBron James (CLE)+180
Stephen Curry (GS)+200
Draymond Green (GS)+300
Kyrie Irving (CLE)+450

Who will score more points?

  • Stephen Curry (-7.5) vs. Kyrie Irving
  • Kevin Durant (-9.5) vs. Kyrie Irving
  • Kyrie Irving (-37.5) vs. Klay Thompson
  • LeBron James (-23.5) vs. Stephen Curry
  • LeBron James (-20.5) vs. Kevin Durant
  • LeBron James (-70.5) vs. Klay Thompson
  • Stephen Curry (-49.5) vs. Kevin Love
  • Kevin Durant (-52.5) vs. Kevin Love
  • Klay Thompson (-4.5) vs. Kevin Love

Points Over/Under

  • LeBron James 187.5
  • Kevin Durant 164.5
  • Stephen Curry 162.5
  • Kyrie Irving 154.5
  • Klay Thompson 114.5
  • Kevin Love 107.5
  • Draymond Green 70.5
  • Tristan Thompson 52.5
  • Andre Iguodala 50.5
  • J.R. Smith 47.5
  • Channing Frye 42.5
  • Ian Clark 37.5
  • Zaza Pachulia 25.5

Rebounds Over/Under

  • Kevin Love 60.5
  • Tristan Thompson 54.5
  • LeBron James 49.5
  • Draymond Green 49.5
  • Kevin Durant 46.5
  • Stephen Curry 28.5
  • Klay Thompson 20.5

Assists Over/Under

  • Draymond Green 42.5
  • LeBron James 42.5
  • Stephen Curry 34.5
  • Kyrie Irving 32.5
  • Kevin Durant 24.5

Blocks Over/Under

  • Kevin Durant 7.5
  • LeBron James 7.5
  • Draymond Green 6.5
  • Tristan Thompson 4.5
  • Kevin Love 3.5

Steals Over/Under

  • LeBron James 12.5
  • Stephen Curry 11.5
  • Draymond Green 10.5
  • Kyrie Irving 7.5

Triple-doubles by Draymond Green

No Triple Double+100
One Triple Double+200
Two Triple Doubles+500
Three Triple Doubles+1600
Four Triple Doubles+5000
Five Triple Doubles+10000
Six Triple Doubles+25000
Seven Triple Doubles+50000

Triple-doubles by LeBron James

No Triple Doubles+125
One Triple Double+200
Two Triple Doubles+250
Three Triple Doubles+1000
Four Triple Doubles+2000
Five Triple Doubles+8000
Six Triple Doubles+20000
Seven Triple Doubles+35000

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