2017 NBA Championship Futures and Theoretical Hold Percentage

2017 NBA Championship Futures and Theoretical Hold Percentage

The 2017 NBA Playoffs tip-off this Saturday, and many bettors will be flocking to their sportsbook to place a wager on the championship winner. This bet type has seen a sharp rise in popularity due to the large potential payouts, but there are several potential pitfalls to betting futures.

Many sportsbooks take low limits on these futures, and it’s less than ideal to have your funds tied up for months while awaiting the payout. Additionally, some sportsbooks have very high hold percentages and the numbers often vary tremendously from book to book. That’s why it’s so crucial to shop for the best line before placing a wager.

The table below displays the current NBA Championship odds from several prominent offshore sportsbooks and one Las Vegas sportsbook.

Team5DimesBetOnlineBookmakerBovadaGreekHeritagePaddy PowerPinnacleSportsbkSIAWestgate
Golden State Warriors-150-180-192-160-225-155-135-175-220-175-200
Cleveland Cavaliers340350+312333300350400330400300350
San Antonio Spurs845700780600800840700849900800900
Boston Celtics20001600160016002000205014002177200020002000
Houston Rockets24751600220016002000250017002392300020002500
Toronto Raptors37504000330033003000450033003258350020004000
Washington Wizards45004000385040004500500035004344500045003500
Los Angeles Clippers50002800400050003000500033003258300035002500
Utah Jazz660066006500660010000662555006511150001000010000
Oklahoma City Thunder100008000120006600150001000075008678225001500010000
Memphis Grizzlies1500010000175001500025000150001500013013250002500020000
Milwaukee Bucks250001500017500250001750025000150002168415000N/A20000
Indiana Pacers2500015000200002500025000250001750013013250002500020000
Atlanta Hawks250001500020000250002500025000900019515250002500020000
Portland Trail Blazers3000012500245003000030000300002250021684300003000030000
Chicago Bulls3000020000215002500015000300002250021684150001500020000

There are some major discrepancies between these books, and that highlights the importance of having access to multiple sportsbooks in order to maximize profits. As an example, the Warriors are available at -135 at Paddy Power and -225 at The Greek. The Clippers are +2800 at BetOnline, but they’re listed at +5000 at both 5Dimes and Bovada. That means a $100 wager on Los Angeles could potentially yield an additional $2,200 by simply shopping for the best line.

Historically we have found that Las Vegas sportsbooks typically have a higher theoretical hold percentage than offshore sportsbooks, but that’s not the case this year. When we examined theoretical hold percentages for the Super Bowl odds, several Las Vegas sportsbooks had hold percentages of greater than 50%. Although we only examined odds from one Las Vegas sportsbook (Westgate Superbook), their hold percentage ranked right in the middle of the pack.

It’s important to note that the limits differ dramatically from book to book. For example, Bovada (a square sportsbook) won’t accept wagers of more than $1,000 on futures while Bookmaker or Pinnacle (both market-setting sportsbooks) take $50,000 limits.

The list below displays the hold percentage at each of these books:

  1. Heritage (11.66%)
  2. 5Dimes (12.04%)
  3. Paddy Power (15.12%)
  4. Sportsbook.com (15.72%)
  5. Pinnacle (15.95%)
  6. Westgate Superbook (16.92%)
  7. Sports Interaction (18.58%)
  8. Bovada (19.09%)
  9. Bookmaker (19.39%)
  10. BetOnline (20.69%)
  11. Greek (21.81%)

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