2017-18 NBA Win Totals

With most of the key free agents off the board, BetOnline has posted win totals for the majority of the NBA. The Celtics, Jazz, and Kings remain off the board for the time being, but will likely be posted soon.

Team BetOnline (7/13) BetOnline (7/6) BetOnline (7/5)
Atlanta 34.5 (o-125) 36.5 (o-135) 34.5 (o-135)
Boston 54.5 (o-140) N/A N/A
Brooklyn 20.5 21.5 (u-130) 21.5 (u-130)
Charlotte 40.5 (o-125) 40.5 40.5
Chicago 28.5 29.5 29.5
Cleveland 52.5 (o-125) 54.5 (u-130) 56.5 (u-140)
Dallas 34.5 34.5 34.5
Denver 43.5 (o-125) 42.5 (o-130) 42.5 (o-130)
Detroit 40.5 40.5 40.5
Golden State 67.5 (o-125) 67.5 (o-125) 67.5
Houston 56.5 (o-130) 56.5 (o-130) 55.5
Indiana 31.5 (o-125) 30.5 30.5
LA Clippers 41.5 (o-130) 41.5 34.5
LA Lakers 32.5 32.5 (u-125) 36.5
Memphis 40.5 41.5 42.5
Miami 42.5 42.5 (o-130) 40.5 (o-125)
Milwaukee 44.5 42.5 (o-155) 42.5 (o-155)
Minnesota 45.5 46.5 (o-130) 46.5
New Orleans 40.5 41.5 (u-130) 43.5 (u-130)
New York 32.5 34.5 34.5
Oklahoma City 48.5 (o-140) 48.5 (o-135) 46.5 (o-125)
Orlando 34.5 36.5 (u-165) 40.5 (u-140)
Philadelphia 40.5 (o-125) 40.5 (o-130) 40.5 (u-120)
Phoenix 25.5 (o-130) 25.5 (o-130) 25.5
Portland 40.5 (o-150) 40.5 (o-140 38.5 (o-125)
Sacramento 30.5 31.5 N/A
San Antonio 54.5 55.5 55.5
Toronto 48.5 (o-125) 50.5 (o-130) 47.5 (o-130)
Utah 37.5 N/A N/A
Washington 46.5 (o-125) 47.5 (o-130) 45.5

July 13th Update

There have been some significant changes since the list was originally released just over a week ago. When initially published, there was some Twitter outrage regarding a few of the totals — most notably the Lakers, Clippers, and Magic. As you can see, their totals have changed drastically since opening. 

Totals have also been posted for the Celtics and Jazz. With the Cavs’ win total going continuously downhill since opening, the Celtics have the highest win total in the Eastern Conference. This shouldn’t be incredibly shocking, as we’ve all seen how Ty Lue makes sure his superstars are well-rested for the playoffs. None of his big-three players played more than 74 games last season.

Without Hayward, oddsmakers believe that the Jazz will be taking a massive hit (I know, sort of obvious). Their 37.5 total is 13.5 wins lower than the 51 they had last season. With the Clippers total up to 41.5, the Jazz now have the largest win drop-off compared to their previous season win total, followed closely by Chicago and Indiana.

The following was originally published on July 5th. 

The Warriors top the list at 67.5, while the lowly Nets loom at the bottom at 21.5.

One of the bigger initial surprises is that the Lakers are currently pegged to do better than their Staples Center roommate, the Clippers. A lot will ride on the shoulders of Blake Griffin now that Chris Paul is in Houston and oddsmakers expect them to take a big hit.

Speaking of the Rockets, their total of 55.5 essentially matches their total of 55 from last year. Obviously, they exceeded their preseason expectations in 2016-17, but oddsmakers seemingly don’t expect them to do much better despite adding CP3.

Another team with a new superstar is the Thunder. Despite adding Paul George, their 46.5 win total is lower than the 47 wins they were able to amass last season.

Compared to the number of wins last season and the current win totals, the team expected to improve the most is Minnesota (46.5 compared to 31). The addition of Jimmy Butler combined with the maturation of budding stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins should result in a much better season.

The aforementioned Clippers team is expected to take the biggest hit (34.5 compared to 51). The Lakers will be Los Angeles’ basketball team of choice in the very near future. Don’t tell Doc, though.


Check back for updates throughout the offseason to see numbers for the unlisted teams as well as odds movement.

Feel free to comment with any thoughts or contact us with any questions by emailing help@sportsinsights.com.

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  1. Enjoyed the season win total value plays you guys suggested last season, as well as the solid year in contrarian plays. Thanks again for the service.

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