2017-18 All-NBA First Team Odds

2017-18 All-NBA First Team Odds

The 2017 NBA Draft takes place Thursday night and the regular season doesn’t tip-off until October 20th, but there has been no shortage of fireworks over the past week. There have already been several major trades and numerous superstars are reportedly on the trading block. When free agency starts in early July, there could be a handful of perennial All Stars changing teams. Despite all of this uncertainty, 5Dimes posted odds for the 2017-18 All-NBA First Team.

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The All-NBA Team is voted upon by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters to honor the best players in the league following the conclusion of every season. It is composed of a five-man lineup with each team consisting of two guards, two forwards, and one center. Last season’s All-NBA First Team featured Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis. Based on the early odds, sportsbooks are expecting a repeat of last season’s results with the exception of Kevin Durant replacing Kawhi Leonard.

  • Russell Westbrook (+140)
  • James Harden (+220)
  • LeBron James (-475)
  • Kevin Durant (+110)
  • Anthony Davis (+250)

LeBron James is the only clear-cut selection according to the oddsmakers, as every other player listed is getting plus money. That’s not exactly surprising considering that James has made the All-NBA First Team in 10 consecutive seasons (he made the All-NBA Second Team in 2007).

The table below displays the odds for many players to make or miss the All-NBA First Team at 5Dimes.


(8/13 5Dimes)
(6/21 5Dimes)
Russell Westbrook-165/+125+140/-180
Stephen Curry+135/-175+250-350
James Harden+155/-195+220/-300
John Wall+450/-750+625/-1275
Isaiah Thomas+600/-1200+525/-975
DeMar DeRozan+800/-1700+650/-1350
Chris Paul+1200/-2600+1500/-4500
Kyle Lowry+1650/-4950+1500/-4500
Bradley Beal+2500/-7500+2000/-6000
Klay Thompson+4000/-16000+3500/-13500
Damian Lillard+4500/-17500+4000/-16000
Kemba Walker+9000/-41000+7500/-32500
Marcus Smart+9000/-41000+7500/-32500
Dwyane Wade+12500/-62500+10000/-50000
Dennis Schroeder+12500/-62500+10000/-50000
Kyrie IrvingN/A+450/-750


(8/13 5Dimes)
(6/21 5Dimes)
LeBron James-390/+270-475/+325
Kevin Durant-185/+145+110/-150
Kawhi Leonard-115/-125+220/-300
Giannis Antetokounmpo+220/-300+625/-1275
Jimmy Butler+800/-1700+850/-1750
Draymond Green+1500/-4500+1100/-2300
Paul George+1500/-4500+1200/-2600
Kristaps Porzingis+1700/-5100+1400/-3600
Blake Griffin+3000/-11000+4000/-16000
Gordon Hayward+3500/-13500+3000/-11000
Andrew Wiggins+3500-13500+3000/-11000
LaMarcus Aldridge+5500/-21500+5000/-20000
Carmelo Anthony+6000/-24000+5000/-20000
Harrison Barnes+17500/-87500+15000/-75000
Aaron Gordon+20000/-100000+15000/-75000


(8/13 5Dimes)
(6/21 5Dimes)
Anthony Davis+205/-285+250/-350
Rudy Gobert+385/-585+550/-1050
Karl-Anthony Towns+475/-825+550/-1050
Nikola Jokic+675/-1425+550/-1050
De'Andre Jordan+700/-1500+450/-750
DeMarcus Cousins+700/-1500+600/-1200
Joel Embiid+775/-1625+675/-1425

Personally, I think Karl-Anthony Towns is being undervalued. There’s limited competition for centers on the All-NBA First Team and Towns is a 21-year old who has just begun to scratch the surface in terms of his potential. Last season the Timberwolves’ star averaged 25.1 points, 12.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game. Assuming he continues to improve defensively and his team shows signs of life, Towns could be an excellent value at +550. Anthony Davis is clearly his biggest competition, but Davis has struggled to stay healthy over his short career.

Who do you believe will make the All-NBA First Team? Which players are overvalued by the oddsmakers? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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